Beautiful BC Elfin Lakes

Last year some of my roommates went on a hike out to Elfin Lakes in Garibaldi National Park. After returning they couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful it was and how they wished they had stayed longer and spent the night. I vowed to myself that the next summer I would go and do just that. So, after Tony and I returned from our honeymoon in Italy I insisted that we go hiking. We were pretty tired but I am quickly restless and insisted that it had to happen ASAP. We planned on spending one night in the lodge by the lakes and set out a few weeks later. After the drive out to Squamish we paid our parking and camping fee by pushing cash through a small slot in a box and set out. We were surprised how quickly we made it to the lakes (about 2 hours). It was a perfect beautiful sunny day and after settling down at the cabin we wandered around and jumped in one of the lakes. ICE WATER. I actually just ended up tripping and falling involuntarily all the way in.

We cooked foil dinners of onion, potato, and cheese on a small gas burner and played poker until dark. I hope to maybe hit the Juan de Fuca trail this spring if I can convince Tony to rough it for a few days.

On another note, I’m starting to feel more comfortable using Lightroom and I kind of know what I’m doing now. I love making okay photos into fantastic photos. My picks from the Elfin Lakes hike.



~ by Maryanne Wirkkanen on November 7, 2010.

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