Then and Tomorrow

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Tony and I visited some of the Vancouver murals during the Eastside Culture Crawl. I grabbed a picture of Jimmy Hendrix.

American Thanksgiving has also come and gone. We went down to the states to see my dad and he made us a huge meal, as usual, and cooked me a big fat happy turkey. I baked a pie the night before and hauled it across the border. Our border guard was very chatty and stopped us at the border just to congratulate us on our line of work. He even shook Tony’s hand! Here is my pie:

Lastly, tomorrow morning I board a plane at SeaTac for Mexico City! I’m taking a week-long Spanish course at Frida Spanish School with my friend Abby. Wish me luck!

Merry Christmas!



Beautiful Vancouver

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I have been living in Vancouver almost 3 years now. I moved up here in March 2008 after my time in Kenya was over. I’ve enjoyed the city and despite hating cold weather and wishing I lived somewhere warm 12 months of the year, a bright sunny fall day is still a refreshingly beautiful thing. I always felt that Vancouver had a very green and blue feel to it, probably because of the greenish buildings downtown you can see from Burrard Bridge and the surrounding blue mountains and oceans. Driving over the Lions Gate Bridge when there’s a light rain feels very refreshing and cool.

Someday I hope to move somewhere warmer but I definitely don’t regret any time spent in this city.

The other day I went for a walk on part of the sea wall by Athletes Village. I wanted to get some shots of downtown and Science World. Here’s what I came up with.


Beautiful BC Elfin Lakes

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Last year some of my roommates went on a hike out to Elfin Lakes in Garibaldi National Park. After returning they couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful it was and how they wished they had stayed longer and spent the night. I vowed to myself that the next summer I would go and do just that. So, after Tony and I returned from our honeymoon in Italy I insisted that we go hiking. We were pretty tired but I am quickly restless and insisted that it had to happen ASAP. We planned on spending one night in the lodge by the lakes and set out a few weeks later. After the drive out to Squamish we paid our parking and camping fee by pushing cash through a small slot in a box and set out. We were surprised how quickly we made it to the lakes (about 2 hours). It was a perfect beautiful sunny day and after settling down at the cabin we wandered around and jumped in one of the lakes. ICE WATER. I actually just ended up tripping and falling involuntarily all the way in.

We cooked foil dinners of onion, potato, and cheese on a small gas burner and played poker until dark. I hope to maybe hit the Juan de Fuca trail this spring if I can convince Tony to rough it for a few days.

On another note, I’m starting to feel more comfortable using Lightroom and I kind of know what I’m doing now. I love making okay photos into fantastic photos. My picks from the Elfin Lakes hike.


2007 Kenya Elections and Togetherness Supreme

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This morning I went to see a VIFF film, Togetherness Supreme, with my husband to reminisce and see what the film had to say about the election violence in Kenya. It’s a fictional story set in December 2007 when Kibaki was re-elected president under peculiar circumstances. I was working in an orphanage in central Kenya and my friend Beth came to visit for Christmas. We spent Christmas at the orphanage and carried bags of sugar and flour with the kids to people’s homes in the community followed by a feast of a meal. A couple days later my friend and I went to Mombasa to get some beach time and see the coast before she went home. I remember watching the votes being counted and the rival party, ODM, winning by a large margin. The news cut out, and the next morning Kibaki swore himself in as president.

In my time there I didn’t get involved in politics. I was living in a largely Kikuyu community that supported the current president and my friends in Nairobi were working with people in Kibera and other slums that supported ODM. They both seemed pretty corrupt to me.

The next morning Beth and I were scheduled to leave on an 8 hour bus ride back to Nairobi so she could catch her flight and I was scheduled to take public transportation back up to my orphanage. Mombasa began to riot, like most other cities that day, and we were stuck on the floor of the bus station office hiding from gunfire and angry crowds of machete wielding young men. We managed to get back and I was on lock-down in our organizations compound for a few days listening to people rioting down the street, gunfire outside our doors, and daily news updates of the death toll and assassinations. I was tired of being stuck in Nairobi and hired a taxi to drive me up to the orphanage where it s safer due to there only being one tribe.

When I left Kenya to fly home in early February I had to sneak out around 3 in the morning. Our driver was a mix of tribes and we were helping our friend who was a Kalenjin escape to Nairobi after some threats made by neighbors. If we had been stopped by any roadblocks we had a pretty good chance of being attacked. We made it safely back and managed to beat any early risers.

It seems that the violence has subsided since that year. With all that being said, I think the film portrayed life in Kibera and the tensions between Kikuyu and non-Kikuyu really well. It was a huge piece of nostalgia for me and brought me back for a while. My husband appreciated the main actor and got a better insight into my time there. With all that said, here are some of my favorite shots. I was there from September 2007 to February 2008.

Belize, man.

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This last March I was in Belize for about 3 weeks WWOOF-ing with a good friend of mine. We spent two weeks at a WWOOF site that was a backpackers dream and also had a delicious orange grove called Barton Creek Outpost. We spent the last week on Tobacco Caye,  a tiny island off the coast on the world’s second largest barrier reef. We flew in and out of Cancun to save money so we passed through Mexico and took a day trip to Guatemala to see Tikal. I used a small point and shoot and a borrowed waterproof camera for my photos.

I started a blog?

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Yes, I did.

I’ll be updating with photos from my travels, plans for the future, and maybe pictures of food my husband cooked for me. Anything goes!

Here are some of my favorites from our trip to Italy in July.